Welcome to Sacramento Friends in Training (Sacfit)

Since our start in 2006, Sacfit has earned the distinction as a premiere running and walking training program. We have a 11-year track record of providing safe, sensible, and fun training programs for all fitness levels, ages,and fitness goals.

Our staff of over 60 experienced and inspirational coaches will train with you every step of the way and help you get the results you want! Whether an experienced runner looking to set a PR or qualify for Boston or a first-timer wanting to get back into shape, we have a program just for you!

Summer/Fall Program

This weekend, July 23, 2016, we meet at
William Pond Park at 7:30 a.m.

Joining the Team for the first time this season?
Arrive a little before 7:20 a.m. to register
and get a pace group placement.

Sacfit - The Team and Training Program
Sacfit is the largest training group in the Sacramento region and considered one of the premiere running and walking clubs in the area. We have successfully trained over 9000 individuals over our 11-year history.

Our popularity and success is based on a simple fact: we provide training programs that get results for every fitness level, whether you are an advanced runner looking to get faster or a beginner wanting to jump back into fitness. 

Our success is rooted in providing
a first-class training program and experience.

We start with you and your goals, then construct a training program geared toward your goals and along the way provide knowledgeable coaches to educate, support, motivate, and inspire you. Here are just a few program features to show you what we mean:

  • Personalized Training Program. We don't just have you "find" your pace. We conduct an initial pace and fitness assessment your first day out and then 7-8 weeks later, we do a more in-depth pace assessment to further refine and personalize your program. No other training group provides this level of personalized training. But this is the only way to maximize results and minimize injury.
  • No Training Alone. Tired of paying good money for a training group only to find that half way through the season you're training alone? At Sacfit, you always have friends to train along side you, as well as coaches who run or walk with you for the entire workout and for the entire season! 
  • Tech-fiber Team Jersey. Sacfit team jersey's are the highest quality tech-shirts with our cool team logo and no advertisements. And each season we change the artwork so each time you join, you have a different shirt. Come on out and start your own collection! 
  • Fully Stocked Aid Stations. As the workouts get longer and the weather warmer, aid stations are a key component to any training program. But a jug of Gatorade and gels with flavors you don't even like does not an aid station make. At Sacfit, we offer over six different kinds of fresh fruit, fresh-cooked potatoes, PB&J sandwich squares, tech-supplements, ice cold water and sport drink, just to name a few. We also provide a stock of ice-cubes to refill your water bottles.
  • Free Family Picnic Breakfast. Each season, we offer a free breakfast to the team and their families or significant others. We want your home support network to get a little love from Sacfit and who doesn't love a picnic?! 
  • NO FUND-RAISING! All efforts are focused on you and your fitness goals.

Sacfit - Training Programs and optional Goal Races

Sacfit provides safe and sensible training programs conformed to each individual's fitness and ability, including:

  • Beginning Walkers and Runners taking that first step
  • Intermediate Walkers and Runners building on an existing foundation
  • Advanced Runners looking to get faster, hone technique and refine strategy.

From there, our members are able to choose from a wide variety of fitness goals, including:

  • Buffalo Stampede and Migration 10-mile race
  • Half Marathons including: Urban Cow and Folsom Breakout
  • CIM Marathon and other early and late fall marathons
  • Various 5K and 10K races
  • Basic Fitness

And while we pride ourselves in providing great training programs with real results, we are most proud of our reputation as being THE fun running and walking group! 

Why so fun? Well, one reason is our approach to training. We believe the best way to achieve any fitness goal, be it a 5K,  half marathon, full marathon, or just getting out the door, is to provide creative and enjoyable training techniques in a non-intimidating, inspiring, and supportive environment. 

But the most important element is our coaches and members. We come from all types of backgrounds - from beginners to advanced and the young to the young-at-heart. So whether you are a couch-potato, walker, casual jogger, or marathon veteran, you can count on finding a group that shares your abilities, interests, and goals. 

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