Welcome to Sacfit
(Sacramento Friends in Training)

Our 2015 Winter Season 
marks our 10-Year Anniversary!

Over the past decade we've trained over 5,000 individuals with a success rate second to none. Our success is based on providing a safe and sensible training program and maintaining our core philosophy of fun, friendship, and fitness. 

We also keep the program focus on one simple concept:


This means no fund raising, no underlying product pitch, or any other distractions to interfere with your training and your goals. Our bottom line is you. Heck, our only line is you!

In keeping with our commitment to focusing on you, we also provide a cast of fun, supportive, and motivating coaches. These coaches not only provide expertise, knowledge and inspiration during your workout, they actually train with you for the entire workout. No other training program offers this feature. 

So come on out and join the fun, make new friends, and get fit. And if you are starting to make that New Year's resolution list or proclaiming your Summer fitness goals to friends and family, we can help make those resolutions a reality!

You can register online right now: CLICK HERE TO JOIN

We look forward to seeing you!

Winter/Spring Program - 2015
Our 2015 Winter/Spring Training Program features a number of training goals to choose from, including:

  • Half Marathon
  • 5K, 10K and General Fitness
Our training program starts January 3, 2015. Our initial meeting place for orientation and in-person registration is at the Rio Americano High School at 8:30AM. Click here for Rio Americano High School Map and Directions

We do fill up fast, so we encourage you to sign up soon. Online registration is now open!  CLICK HERE TO JOIN

For those not so inclined to register in cyberspace, we offer the traditional in-person registration at our January 3 program kick-off.

Right after you register, we have a quick orientation, which includes a brief pace run or walk to determine an appropriate pace group for you. So bring your running or walking shoes!

Can't make the January 3 Kick-off date?
No problem. We have Online open registration until January 26, as well as in-person registration on January 10 and 17. 

Note: Our meeting locations for January 10 and 17, will be at Rio American High School as well. After that, starting January 24, we will be meeting at William Pond Park. Click here for William Pond Map and Directions

Online registration is now open!  To join: CLICK HERE

Program Features

Sacfit provides a whole bunch of great program features to assure you achieve your fitness goals in a safe, sensible, and fun way. Here are some facts about our club and program:

  • Train with your coach. No matter what credentials a coach has, if they don't train with you to see how you're doing when you're actually working out, then what's the point? All of our coaches train with their pace group for the entire workout. No other program offer this level of personal attention!
  • Make Friends Training Together. Each weekend, you, your coach, and your pace group of 10-15 teammates train together. This affords a great social and training atmosphere. So much so, we've had a number of marriages between members. So you never know who you might meet!
  • Fully stocked and staffed aid stations for our longer workouts. Tired of a lonely  jug of Gatorade as your "aid station?" In addition to our plethora of food and ice-cold beverages, our stations are theme-based. Nothing like an oasis of fun, food, and drink to keep you motivated!
  • Free family Spring Picnic breakfast. Free - 'nuff said!
  • Free Commemorative Team Tech-fiber Jersey.

Training Days

Our typical weekly training is a 4-day schedule:

  • Saturday group workout (supervised)
  • Monday easy workout (on your own)
  • Tuesday evening Stair or Track group workout (supervised)
  • Thursday evening Tempo group workout (supervised)
Note: For our advanced team members, we add an easy Wednesday workout.

More questions? CLICK HERE  for our FAQs.

What is Sacfit?

Sacfit is a running and walking team that provides individualized training programs for various distances. 

So whether you're a beginner or veteran runner or walker, our 16-week half marathon will give you all the tools and training you need to assure you cross the finish line feeling strong and having fun, either to just finish or to improve your race time. 

And while we pride ourselves in providing great training programs, we are most proud of our reputation as being THE fun running and walking group! 

Why so fun? Well, one reason is our approach to training. We believe the best way to achieve any fitness goal, be it a half marathon, 5K or just getting out the door, is to provide creative and enjoyable training techniques in a non-intimidating, inspiring, and supportive environment. 

But the most important element is our coaches and members. We come from all types of backgrounds - from beginners to advanced and the young to young-at-heart. So whether you are a couch-potato, walker, casual jogger, or marathon veteran, you can count on finding a group that shares your abilities, interests, and goals. 

CLICK HERE  to see the various races you may consider training for this season.

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